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Magic Black

Magic Black tips:  The tip that challenged any best tip in the market!  it’s magic!

New Era of snooker cue tips ,  best performed shot , improved yr score,  confident , the most entertain tips ever seen.

Made from selected best skin part.
Compressed to ideal state.
Undergone cryogenic process + our unrevealed solvent treatment.


-Immediate stunning  shot the first minute u change this new  MB tip.

-Medium hard  snooker feeling . Unbelievable performance!

-Long pot , screw , side spin, soft and power shot, stun , 

-Superb cue ball control.

-No throw effect.

-Great Consistency and precision.

Mastercue Tips

Best cue tips , compressed to requirement. Proper Hard , solid , excellent for all kind of shot. No unpleasant feeling for newly fixed Tips. , took only 5 – 10 minutes for run in.

Leather Tip Protector


Brass Butt Protector

Rubber Butt Protector