This cue ranges is the most worth cues of all. Best quality at your budget prices.

Length        57″ – 58″
Tips            9.5 – 10 mm
Weight        18 – 19.5 Oz

14″ Butt joint with the female joint at the cue butt end for any extension purposed.

CS 1 (A)

CS 1 (B)

CS1.   Classic cue. 

Handmade snooker cue with Ash shaft in Myanmar Ebony.
They available in plain black butt or with one front face in green or blue veneer.

TD 1

TD 2

TD1.  Tudor cue. 

Machine-made snooker cue with ash shaft in African ebony butt. They available in plain black butt ( TD1)or with one front face in green  veneer ( TD2)

TM 1

TM1.   Tournament cue.

Machine-made snooker cue with Ash shaft in Rosewood butt. They available in plain Rosewood or with one front face in variety color veneer.

TM 2

TM2.     Tournament High joint. 
(Mark. J. Williams Replica)

Machine- made, in high joint pattern with Ash shaft in Myanmar Ebony butt. 
They available in plain Black butt only.

CP 1

CP1.   Champion cue.

Machine-made ash shaft in Rosewood butt. Available in one front face in variety color veneer.

CP 2