Custom made cue:

As a high demand of the players  and our customers who want their own a special cue in better  qlty  w.t size and measurement as well as  their own unique style.

We have had offered  a very high confidence  on producing those tailor  made cue in a very perfect fit by our  own 23 years experienced in this snooker field.

They may start from any in different  state:

1.Quality of the shafts

2.size and measurement

3. Designed on the butt

4.The balanced of the cue

Quality of the shafts

In fact our stock cue are ready made of pro shaft grade for anyone can played  and improved their game effectively w.t these cues but some player are very serious about the grain or even the number arrow of the shaft.

Actually we are not concerned much on the arrow in fact  our principle is the hardness and stiff w.t the best balanced  to produced an effective shot. That’s mean our stock cues are already perfect for play.

Anyway if the customer insist to have what they want about the number and the position of the arrow of shaft  , we may have a discussion  personally and I will try my best to serve them but of course this is tough and very hard work , spending lot of time and waste a lot of wood just to find one that u want resulting this custom made cue will  marked in a  higher cost and take longer time w.c is A-must acceptable.

Size and measurement

This is normal request in having ideal cue for the customer size and measurement to fit their requirement in order to obtained the closer the ideal cue in their mind.

Designed on the butt

Different people has different taste same like me or anyone. Someone may like our routine stock designed and happy w.t it but there a lot of  people who want their cues to be done in unique and become  his dream cue.

The balanced of the cue.

Actually as you know that our Mastercue has a very well known famous regard of one the best balanced cue in the world . Our stock cue were made in a very well balanced as much as possible as u may have experienced it before but there still was some customers or players who really emphasize on the balanced point and always mentioned  in the the figure at certain point w.c is sometime can be done or not but we will promised to  make it as closed as possible.

Pls bear in mind that different shaft  have their own character  , you can not expected the 2 cues  made to be exactly identical.